Working smarter, not harder

Bounce is a group of people looking to make positive changes in people’s lives. Since 2006 we’ve been teaching essential soft skills like communication, emotional intelligence, rapport and heaps more, to help people from all over find their way.

We take the traditional training format and turn it on its head, making fresh, experiential programs that are smarter, not harder.

We travel all over Australia, New Zealand and the US delivering programs based around Positive Psychology, Social Science, Behavioural Nudging and Emotional Intelligence to job seekers, businesses, companies and government departments.


By 2030, we will be helping 50,000 Australians annually, to find their way.

The values we live by

Do what's right.

We’re accountable, fair and focused. We believe trust is earned, and we work to gain it every day. Our people always act with integrity, and aren't afraid to speak up when it’s difficult and do what’s right when no one is watching.

In it together.

Our business is all about extraordinary relationships built on a foundation of loyalty, honesty and inclusiveness. No-one has to go it alone; someone will always have your back.

Bounce is a team sport.

We’re enthusiastic team players, we always have fun, and we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We always treat each other with respect, empathy and appreciation.

Get sh*t done.

We always show up with the right amount of energy, and use our passion and commitment to motivate, engage and inspire others. We go the extra mile to deliver high-quality outcomes and believe in being the best; to ourselves, to each other and our partners & clients.

Stand for something AH-MAZIING!

We are genuine to our brand, purpose, and values. We’re not perfect, and we won’t pretend to be; we believe in staying true to our authentic selves. Bounce is transparent, reliable, evidence-based, and seriously clever!

The Way Finder Team

Maria Smith

Founder & CEO
Way Finder | Thought Leader | Rule Breaker

Maria Smith is the original Way Finder.

She has been delivering soft-skills, employability skills and job-readiness training to the long-term unemployed, as well as professional development to consultants and leaders within employment services sector in Australia and internationally for over a decade. Her mission is to ignite human potential and help people find what it is that gets them excited to live every day. Maria’s unique skills in positive psychology and emotional intelligence (EQ) have been the corner-stone to the Bounce training programs which are successfully delivered in Australia, the US and New Zealand.

Kelly Mason

General Manager


Action Taker

Rule Maker

Chris Young

Engagement Coach 

Connection Maker

Story Teller

Weather reporter

Donna Wardlaw
Marketing & Comms Manager

Content Maker

Word Smith

Packed Lunch Bringer

Nettie Pollard

Customer Experience Designer

Tech Wizard

Cool Stuff Creator

Coffee Slayer

Amanda Hamill

Relationship Manager

Journey Taker

Rapport Builder

Joy spreader

Lisa Stone
Executive Assistant

Detail Spotter

Support Giver

Active-wear specialist

Annie Knowles

Customer Experience Administration

Tech Supporter

Problem Solver

Cat Lover

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