Amanda Simpson – From Student to Teacher

Amanda Simpson – From Student to Teacher

The Challenges

Amanda was working less than 15 hours per week on a causal basis in customer service role in retail. She had had enough with working in retail and remembered saying to herself “I’m done!” She felt she was flat lining at life.

Lacking confidence, Amanda had gotten herself into a rut. She felt she wasn’t good enough and that life offered her very little to look forward too. She had been smoking for 33 years and felt her education was outdated and irrelevant.

The Solutions

Amanda was referred into a Bounce Program wrapped around Certificate I in General Education for Adults (Intro) by her employment consultant. Her consultant knew that her skills were transferable and that she was eager to better herself, she just needed the perfect program to help her realise her own potential.

The Results

Within the first week, Amanda fell in love with learning and saw the program as the perfect opportunity for growth. She flipped a lot of her negative beliefs, leaving behind the ‘I’m not good enough’ belief which allowed her to see what she truly deserves.

The self-awareness activities allowed her to see what wasn’t working and put in place strategies to achieve what she wanted out of life.

Amanda created a vision for her life which allowed her to set goals for that vision to be fulfilled, one in which she wanted a career rather than a job and she took steps to reach that goal.

Her ‘a-ha’ moment came, when she realised she had the power to make decisions for herself and quit smoking after 33 years.

Her love for learning followed immediately after finishing the program, when she enrolled in a Certificate III in Community Services and also completed a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment.

“The Bounce Program gave me faith in trusting myself to achieve anything I put my mind to. Bounce was the springboard for me to start my new life.”


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