Bounce Online – The Key To Finding Work After COVID

Bounce Online 2.0 is here and it’s going to change the world of work-readiness training!

When we launched The Bounce Program Online back in May, we were keen to see if there was going to be an appetite for a soft skills online learning system. We didn’t know what sort of interest there would be in digital version of our original Bounce Program, but since then we’ve had almost 600 people enroll from 15 different organisations.

Over the last few months we’ve had the opportunity to test the content and the usability of the digital platform, and to observe how people engage with an online soft skills training program. The feedback from participants, job coaches and providers was incredible, but it also highlighted room for improvement. It gave us the chance to explore new options, to simplify and improve usability and create a training experience would truly revolutionise the way people approach their journey to employment. And that’s just what we’ve done…introducing the brand-new BOUNCE ONLINE!

What’s new in Bounce Online?

The New-Look Platform

Bounce Online is hosted on completely new custom-built platform that has been expertly developed for the purpose of online learning. We’ve solved some of the challenges we were faced with in the first version (yes, there is a ‘BACK’ button now!) and given it a brand-new look and feel.

Each participant has their own login profile space where their results and reports are kept and they can access this information at any time. We’re also giving every job coach access to the platform, so you can manage all your clients in the system. In the dashboard, you can add participants any time and view the progress of your clients inside the program as well.

The Badges

The content has also had a make-over will all new module descriptions, videos, simplified quizzes and activities. We’ve also added an incredibly exciting new feature – the reward and recognition BADGES!  Every time a participate completes a module or specific activities inside the program, they are rewarded for their effort and motivation through the awarding of badges. Each badge represents the essential elements you need when you go on a journey and recognises the new skills that have been acquired by the participant.  

The Virtual Coach

Imagine being able to receive a detailed report on every client, designed to give you insight into all the critical information you need to coach them to realise their career goals faster and more effectively than ever. 

Results have shown that for every client that completes Bounce Online, consultants are saving a minimum of 5 hours of client contact and appointments. If you have 20 clients in the Program, that’s 100 hours of information gathering you won’t need to do. Instead, you can use this valuable information and time to coach your clients through their employment journey.

The Insights

Client-driven intel is delivered immediately to you through the program’s sophisticated and intuitive reporting system. Fully automated results are received in real-time to ensure a high level of accountability is present in every program that is delivered. You can easily assess and determine your clients level of success in the program by reviewing their results in each profile area. The results are generated from your client’s responses to the questionnaires built into the program and include the sorts of information that could typically take you months to uncover during face to face meetings. 

An Online Training Revolution is Here

Bounce Online draws on the principles of human-centred design thinking to create an immersive, intuitive and unique learning experience that accelerates the change adoption process. And it’s accessible anywhere, anytime on any device.

It features:

Stages of Change Pre-assessment

Determine your clients level of engagement and appetite for change through this dynamic pre-program assessment. It will identify if where you clients sit in the change continuum – Pre-contemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action, Maintenance and Relapse Prevention.

Five Dynamic Learning Modules

Each module features video modelling, interactive quizzes and activities that keep your clients on track and accountable. At the end of each module, participants unlock a new badge that rewards them for their progress

My Job Outlook Career Discovery Quiz

My Job Outlook is a unique feature of The Bounce Program Online that will help your clients discover their career sweet spot. The quiz is the key to unlocking new opportunities and potential careers that your clients may not have considered before.

Career Gearing Toolbox

Full toolkit of modern, professional letter and resume templates, scripts and how-to guides for interviews awaits clients at the end of the program.

Group Coaching with Bounce Coaches

Every participant has the option to participate in weekly group phone coaching with certified Bounce Coaches. These training sessions allow clients to discuss and explore the course content with Trainers who can coach them through to breakthrough moments.

What they said…

Here’s what participants have told us about their experience with the Bounce Program Online:

Before the program I was being negative about everything related to employment. I found the job searches were hard because of my low confidence, motivation and I wasn’t energised. I would see people going to work and I WISH I had a job to go to like everyone. The Bounce Program Online is very easy to use, easy to follow and learn. I was surprised at how effective and informative it was. It helped me to assess and understand my abilities in the career world, and I’ve developed more confidence, new skills and technical abilities. I’m ready to find my career now.
- Jenny

Everything surprised me because I wasn’t expecting it to be as helpful as it was! I discovered that I had learnt some new skills that I hadn’t already which is good and it was really helpful information to gather. I’ve gained a lot of new skills in participating in this course e.g cold calling, networks, rapport, communicating styles of others and anchors.

- Jake

It was so easy, exciting and interesting. Discovering myself was the biggest surprise as well my values and my beliefs. I have lots of other skills I did not know before and I did discover my values and my beliefs. I’ve learnt to be enthusiastic and more flexible in life and the most important thing is to believe in myself.

- Maya

I found the Program a bit challenging at first because the questions that were asked really made me think and question myself, but it was a good thing because I had never really thought about some of the things asked in this Program. What surprised me the most was how hard the questions actually were, and how much I learnt about myself. I discovered that I am strong, and I shouldn’t doubt myself and try harder. I found it quite straightforward and convenient to be able to do and still be at home.
– Brookelyn

Who is using Bounce Online?

Are you ready for great outcomes too?

Bounce Online is a perfect fit for your clients and will get them excited to see their lives in a completely different way. If you’re ready to change the way you engage with and support your clients, Bounce Online is the answer.

You can book a fully guided tour of the site and see it in action. You’ll get a chance to view the videos and quizzes and see exactly what sort of information is included in the reports.


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