Cassandra – Disability Employment Services

Cassandra – Disability Employment Services

I worked as a Case Manager / Career Coach within the Disability Employment Services (DES) in central Victoria.

I have had the privilege to meet a wide variety of people within my community who require our support to gain sustainable employment due to physical, emotional, mental health disorders and other similar barriers.

In my experience I have found that a large percentage of job seekers I have been coaching are limited in fundamental skills to gain and maintain employment, but most commonly due to low self-esteem and a lack of change management thinking.

This can be a significant barrier to successful job placement for many of them.

“I have had the privilege to see a handful of my job seekers participate in the Bounce General Education program. I have been amazed by the transformation in their change management, thinking and the confidence they have gained by participating.”

One of my younger job seekers in his mid 20’s benefited so much that he overcame his anxiety and is now able to ride the bus. In addition he has made friends with other classmates and now returns to volunteer his time to assist other classes in the area. His social skills have developed so well that he is going to complete his high school equivalency this year. This was not an option for him four months ago due to anxiety and past trauma. He is on his way to gaining part-time employment before study commences and he can now see a bright future for himself.

I have seen many more positive transformations in attitude and job readiness skills in my job seekers and this has increased successful job placements.

From myself and my job seekers….Thank you Bounce Australia for this wonderful program!


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