Way Finders Academy

Community Guidelines

This is your space to become a way-finding job coach!

This is where it’s safe (and you’re encouraged!) to ditch your to-do list and forget about the targets and KPIs. We want you to shake off the overwhelm and begin to see the possibility and potential around every corner. Find motivation for yourself and your clients. And create a pathway forward that inspires you every day.

Everything we do here inside the Way Finders Academy is built on a foundation of kindness and being a good human. The community is a place to feel inspired, supported, and accepted. Here’s where you become a Way Finder.

When you’re a Way Finder, you’re part of a global movement of people committed to creating incredible outcomes for job seekers, helping them to build a bridge from where they are now to somewhere better.

The Way Finders Academy is your space to learn, develop and grow as a job coach.

Come in whenever you like. Bring your cup of coffee and your notebook and chat with others while you learn. Get help with your ‘stucks’, share your wins, celebrate and be celebrated. Ask and answer questions, and share your favourite strategies for getting great client outcomes. We want to hear about it all – the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the work you do.

Use this Community to Find Your Way

When you have questions about how to respond when your clients say “I don’t know” or ignore your phone messages or they’re not logging into Bounce Online – we are here for you!


Maybe you’re brand-new to the world of employment services and haven’t spent much time with clients, or perhaps you’ve been in the industry for years and have seen and heard it all. No matter how long you’ve been in the game, we are here to cheer you on as equals, as job coaches!


What you share will come back to you tenfold. When you come to the community to ask a question, consider answering a few questions from others – so you take a little bit, and you give back.


We celebrate people and the journey they go on to find employment. The beauty of the Way Finders is that while our online community comes from all parts of the globe, we share a common goal and we hold the belief that every person has the potential to find meaningful and sustainable employment.

Your vibe attracts your tribe

Never has there been a more truthful meme! And it’s also how we work inside the Academy…

You might feel that your experiences aren’t worth sharing. Or that perhaps you might think it seems like everyone else is kicking goals, and you’re not, so you can’t ask for help. Or maybe you don’t think you’ve got anything that would help or make a difference?

Well, that’s definitely not the case.

Way Finders are amazing people. They are the potential-seers. The change-makers. The people that walk beside job seekers, helping them to see their lives in an entirely new way. And it doesn’t matter if you’re experienced or not.
Way Finders are your kind of people.

Community Vibe Killers

We’re here to facilitate an amazing community experience inside the Way Finders Academy. That being said, we’re also here to protect this safe space. If you break these guidelines or commit community vibe killers, we reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time.

If you ever see something that doesn’t quite match our community guidelines you can report these using the report function inside the platform. You also can block members from communicating with you if you wish (but let us know too – we need to know about it).

Here’s a list of vibe killers that we encourage you not to do. We will reach out if we, or other members notice you:

  • Using client names or revealing specific information about clients that could identify them.
  • Speaking about clients in a negative or defamatory way. Let’s leave the judgement at the door, folks.
  • Criticising your employer. We know there’ll be times when you’ll be frustrated, overwhelmed or even annoyed by things that happen in the workplace, and it’s ok to call out the behaviours/actions, just not the people or the organisation.
  • Starting divisive discussions. We know the industry can be full of political agendas and bureaucracy-gone-mad  – but these topics can also be divisive. Please be aware that the Way Finders is an internationally, diverse group. Respect that others work in situations and have viewpoints that may be different to your own.
  • Using an unreasonably negative tone, inappropriate language, offensive images, and the like. In other words, don’t post anything in a forum or on your profile that you wouldn’t want the world to see or that you wouldn’t want anyone to know came from you.
  • Making unresasonable demands. We’re 100% committed to helping you become the best job coach you can be, and we’ll support you to do this. But if what you’re asking for in terms of our time and support becomes unreasonable, we’ll have to part ways.

Tips for getting the most out of forums

To help you get the most out of your forum experience, we suggest the following:
  • Before you post in a forum, give the search function a go first. See if you can find any previous activity or comments around your topic. If you can’t find an answer to your problem, then post away!
  • Send your message only to the most appropriate forum topic(s). Please don’t spam several forum topics with the same message!
  • Try to be clear and concise on the topic of your question/comment in the subject line. This allows members to respond more appropriately to your posting. It also makes it easier for other members to search the forum archives by subject.
  • Only send a message to the entire forum when it contains information that can benefit everyone.
  • Send messages such as “Thanks for the information” or “Me too” to individuals – not to the entire forum. Hitting the ‘like’ button is often enough to acknowledge a comment.

Legal Stuff

This probably won’t apply to you, because you’re awesome. But we need to put this here because our lawyers told us to.
  • You may not use, share, copy, sell or create derivative works from any Way Finders content, including but not limited to, courses, media, content, tutorials, and photos. You may not claim any Way Finders content as your own.
  • We retain the right to remove any comments or content we feel are inappropriate without explanation. Bounce Consulting Pty. Ltd. is not responsible for any comments or content you upload on the website or through the service.
  • Please use good judgement and common sense when sharing confidential information within the group. You are responsible for the information you share and the interactions you have with any other participant.
  • Bounce Consulting Pty. Ltd is not responsible for the actions, behaviours or practices of any individual, group, or company that is involved with the Way Finders or the Bounce Program or mentioned by a member in the community.
  • Bounce Australia’s logo, the Way Finders logo and branding, imagery and photos are all owned by Bounce Consulting Pty. Ltd. and should not be removed, used or claimed without express written permission. All of Bounce Consulting Pty. Ltd.’s ownership in its trademarks, trade dress and copyright is strictly enforced.
  • For the full terms and conditions to use our website and this membership community, please refer to our privacy policy & terms.

The WayFinders is moving! The site will be deactivated as of the 2nd of September, 2024. Want to transfer your account?