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You've completed every single Way Finder course - you are a legend of your industry!

Learning Lover

You've completed all of our short courses, and you're soaking in the knowledge like a sponge.

Job Coach

You've completed your "Job Coach Certification" and have all the coaching skills you need to motivate your clients into employment, faster and more ef…


You've completed "The PEARLS System" and you've got all the foundational coaching skills you need, to become an outstanding job coach.

Rapport Builder

You've completed "Rapport Builder Master Class" and can now use your amazing rapport strategies to get the outcomes you need.


You've completed "Harness the Power of Motivation" and gained some great insights on how powerful motivation can be.


You've completed "Effective Feedback: How to have hard conversations" and you're comfortable with being uncomfortable!


You've completed "Connect - Engaging the Disengaged" and you're ready to take your job seeker engagement to the next level.