Episode 1: Culture First, Skills Second

Episode 1: Culture First, Skills Second

Guest: Windsor Main, Site Manager of Edlyn Foods | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 30 minutes

In the first episode of The Way Finders Podcast, Maria talks with Edlyn Foods Site Manager, Winsor Main about what employers are looking for when recruiting staff and how Edlyn are shaking things up when it comes to staff retention.

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Episode 6: Café Culture

As the CEO of ETC, Jenny Barnett knows first-hand how valuable it is to invest in people. At ETC, they have created a strong culture around their people and are committed to investing in the skills and training needed to help their staff provide incredible customer service.
In this episode, Maria chats with Jenny about some of the unique ways they are supporting and engaging their staff, which has resulted in improved outcomes for their clients and created new experiences for their job seekers.


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