Episode 12: Long and Strong: Champion Mindset

Episode 12: Long and Strong: Champion Mindset

Guest: Samantha Riley, former Australian swimming champion | Interviewer: Maria Smith | Time: 41 minutes

Mindset is a powerful thing. In this self-care series podcast, Maria sits down with former Australian swimming champion, Samantha Riley to talk about how mindset, emotional intelligence and motivation helped her achieve amazing things in the pool. It’s a powerful conversation that shows how much can be achieved when you believe in yourself.

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Episode 11: Soul Coach

As we roll on through self-care month, Maria sits down with the incredible Trevor Hendy, former champion Ironman and OAM, to talk about how we get balance in our spiritual and emotional self. Trevor describes himself as a Soul Coach, helping people explore their abilities and find their passion all while leaving behind unhelpful thoughts, beliefs and memories. Trevor talks passionately with Maria about how limiting thoughts and heavy energy hold us back. His powerful take-home message is this “This isn’t happening to me, it’s happening for me.” It will give you all the power back.

Episode 10: Self-care with Karla

With self-care being an important focus for us, Maria speaks with the amazing Karla Gilbert, OAM who is a Nutrition and Health Coach and former iron-woman and paddle boarding champion. Maria and Karla talk about how to prioritise the wellness dimension of physical health and how to work towards a healthier lifestyle. Karla talks passionately about her personalised approach to health coaching and how she does things differently to help people achieve great outcomes.


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