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  • Ivan

    May 4, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Hi Maria,

    I have started listening to the podcasts and today was The Loudest Voice. Michael seems like a lovely person who has a very good understanding of himself. I did find it interesting how the conversation got me thinking about how we identify with home and family. I know having been born in Australia I am an Australian… but, I am not seen as Australian as i am not an indigenous Australian. In addition, my fathers parents came over to Australia from Germany after the war and my mothers family came from Ireland.

    I have great difficulty in understating myself. I have half my family from another country who never discuss the war and who fought on the other side of the second world war. My mothers side they were immigrants who settled in Derby in Victoria three generations ago and were likely sent as prisoners.

    So I am an Australian, I’m also German and Irish. My home country see’s me as less part of it than others because my ancestors weren’t from Australia. As Michael discussed we don’t always feel like we live in the same world as others. I know that my past, my family’s past still impacts on my place in the world. Having a pa and his siblings having fought on the other side of the second world war makes it difficult to rationalise in your own mind especially when no one talks about it.

    My point of this post is to highlight that anyone can have a disconnect with the world around them and the reasons are not always visible like in Michael’s case. My name is not the one I was born with partly because of the fear of how i was seen and treated as a kid. Having a German last name so soon after the war in Australia came with it’s own challenges.

    I do hope this post is valuable to someone who reads it and that it gives them a sense that they are not alone in feeing disconnected in the world around them. My goal is to continue to create my place in this world and ensure my children feel the sense of belonging that I didn’t.

    Feel free to ask questions or give feedback on your thoughts.



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