From Dream to Reality

From Dream to Reality

Please note that names and locations have been changed for privacy reasons.

The Challenges

Naturally creative and with a love of illustration, Mark was always keen to work in the animation industry. However, after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and schizophrenia, maintaining regular employment was almost impossible. Mark had been receiving disability payments for 5 years and was living in Adelaide. After changes were made to his disability funding, he was no longer able to afford accommodation so he moved to further out of the city to live with his grandmother. Mark was very uncertain about his future and while he wanted to work, negative self-talk was really holding him back.

Mark registered with an employment service provider, and while they had been actively trying to find work for him in the creative space, they had not had any success. Mark was feeling less confident as the opportunities for him became more limited.

The Solutions

Since he was a child, Mark had dreamt of working an illustrator and animator and had expressed this desire to his case manager. His provider suggested that he apply for NEIS program funding which could help him kick start his business idea. But first, Mark needed to change his mindset, readjust his beliefs and build his self-confidence so that he had all the tools he needed to make his dream a reality.

His provider knew that a Certificate I in General Education for Adults (GEN ED) program would be perfect for Mark. The program would give Mark all the tools he would need to understand what was holding him back, get clarity and map out a path for a better future. Mark was referred into the program to help him prepare for his NEIS application. This was the turning point for him.

The Results

Mark spent 25 days in the GEN ED program. During this time he became more aware of his values and he began to change his self-talk. He gained a greater awareness of how his behaviour was impacting his life in such a negative way.

The ‘vision board’ activity was the most profound for Mark. It allowed him to dream bigger than he ever thought he could, and he still has that vision board with him at work now. At the time he felt so many of his ideas where just ‘pie in the sky’ thoughts, but now he has achieved almost all of his goals on his board.

Mark’s success in the GEN ED program was a launching platform for him to leap into business with a friend using the start-up funding from the NEIS program. His company, has created animations for a large children’s toy company, with views of over 4 million online, worked with a University to create education programs and many more highly recognised companies.

“At the time of doing the Bounce course I was feeling very unsure about my future and the Bounce Program gave me the direction and inspiration to move forward and dream bigger!”


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