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New start date announced: Tuesday the 19th of October

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Job Coach Certification

$1,250.00 ex. GST

Bounce Job Coach Certification is based on the Job Coach System – 4 modules of dynamic learning & training that will completely change the way you work with your clients. The training is expertly designed and delivered and is guaranteed to give you incredible coaching skills.

  • Start Date: Tuesday the 19th of October, 2021
  • Course Length: 9 Weeks
  • Facilitator: Maria Smith

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The role of an employment consultant is highly demanding and, at times, extremely stressful. There are so many challenges to overcome – high caseloads, disengaged clients with complex needs, competing priorities and pressure to get great results. It can be easy to lose confidence, motivation and enjoyment in helping people find their way.

But what if there was a way to help your clients get great outcomes
every time you met with them?


The new way to work

Bounce has created the Bounce Job Coach Certification for frontline staff working in employment services as a way of boosting client engagement and increasing sustainable employment placements. This fully customised, certified training program gives consultants and case managers all the coaching skills they need to motivate their clients to realise their potential, help them discover their purpose and support them to move into work faster and more effectively than ever before.

Bounce Job Coach is the first and only coaching certification designed specifically for anyone working inside employment services. It has been expertly designed to ensure that participants develop the essential communication and coaching skills they need to support their clients to:



Build confidence and get clarity around their employment goals.



Shift the negative beliefs they have about themselves.



Discover their potential and purpose and move forward with confidence.



Find their way to their dream working destination.

Bounce Job Coach Certification has been expertly designed to confidently give you the
coaching skills you need to support your clients and help them get great employment outcomes.   


It features the Job Coach System – 4 dynamic learning modules that will give you incredible knowledge and understanding of the strengths and traits of a job coach, boost your social and self-awareness and teach you to use powerful communication and behaviour change strategies to influence change easily and elegantly. 

About the Course

Discover more about Bounce Job Coach Certification in this detailed brochure. 

Learn about the training content, how the course is structured and delivered, and what are the key outcomes of becoming a certified Job Coach. 

Job Coach Testimonials



“I recommend this program to anyone, even outside our industry.”

Jonas B, Max Employment



“Five years in employment services, this has been the best training I have done.”

Anon. Community Solutions



“I feel empowered by the training and being able to mentor clients in more ways than one.”

Josephine B. QITE



“I can go in more confident and be aware of how to move someone who are stuck.”

Kane D. Max Employment

How do I become a Bounce Job Coach?

We know that developing outstanding job coaches is not a set-and-forget process.

It takes time, practise and support to become confident in using coaching strategies, especially with clients that have varied and complex needs. When you become a Bounce Job Coach, you become part of our global community of people committed to helping people to find their way. And we are committed to helping job coaches continually develop their skills, learn and grow.

The Way Finders Academy is where you go to participate in all our training programs, including Bounce Job Coach Certification. 

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How is it delivered?

Bounce Job Coach Certification is an online learning program (face to face is also an option depending on your organisations’ requirements) and the learning resources are all made available through the Academy’s learning library and courses area. The online course features regular live Zoom review sessions, assessments, and facilitated private chat groups to connect learners and deep dive into the content.  

Please contact us to enquire about the delivery options and pricing structure if you are interested in Bounce Job Coach Certification. 


Digital badging is here!

Bounce Job Coach Certification is an official micro-credential and it features a digital badge that you can download, share and easily store for record-keeping purposes. 

What is a digital badge? FIND OUT MORE HERE

Meet the Creator - Maria Smith

Maria is a highly-regarded coach, trainer and mentor. As the CEO & Founder of Bounce Australia, Maria is the creative force behind the globally recognised soft skills training programs – the Bounce Program and Bounce Job Coach Certification.

She is a communication and emotional intelligence expert who has been working with the employment services sector since 2006. As a coach and trainer, she supports job seekers, frontline workers, executive teams and leaders, to take a different approach to the employment-seeking experience. 

Maria skilfully applies the best behaviour change science in her training programs, and Bounce Job Coach Certification is no exception. Her unique skills in emotional intelligence (EQ), positive psychology and behavioural nudging, are expertly woven through the training programs she has created, allowing participants to expand and enhance their own skills, and become the best version of themselves.  

Maria’s qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Science (BA), Diploma in Positive Psychology, (MBA) Masters in Business Administration, Certified Master Coach, Master of Applied Positive Psychology (currently undertaking Melbourne University).

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Job Coach Testimonial
"I really thought I had great communication skills and that I could relate to people before...but now I can really make a difference because I'm not just listening, I'm coaching. I am suggesting and nudging and I’m not doing so much for them anymore and trying to get them on board. I'm able to let them find the answers for themselves through some clever nudging, and because of that I think it makes more change because they see the solution themselves." - Shae Campbell, MADEC
Job Coach Testimonial
The extent of research and the evidence-based program that Bounce runs is definitely fabulous; few companies do such fine research work to fully empower people to reach the next level of work and achievement. I think every consultant should attend this course and participate actively in it. It is not just made for people who want to progress in term of higher position, but for everyone to enhance their capacity to change lives and make a difference in their community. - Jonas B. Max Employment
Job Coach Testimonial
Although I would 'like' to think I have the values and ethics of a good consultant, so much gets in the way and at times I have guiltily rushed a meeting or not listened well to my clients. I have realised the benefits of setting myself before the meeting and focusing wholly on my client I am more likely to have a better rapport and solution based conversation. I have also seen the benefit of greeting a client happily, with good intent and all judgement aside. I am much better equipped particularly with focusing on strengths and solutions with my clients and I am also more aware of my own agenda . As a Team Leader, I now believe I have some good job coach skills to lead by example for my team. - Donna B, Max Employment