Rethink and reframe the way you work with your clients.

We think the title ‘employment consultant’ doesn’t adequately describe the role in which you play when it comes to working with your clients. Your role isn’t to tell your clients which jobs to apply for, and when to apply for them. It’s not to instruct them on which courses to take or write their resumes. It’s not to judge them on their abilities or to put unrealistic expectations on them.

Your role is to coach them.

Your role is to guide and help your clients to realise their potential, discover their purpose and show them the way forward.
So, with that in mind, we’ve decided here at The Way Finders, that we’re not going to refer to you as employment consultants anymore.

We’re going to call you Job Coaches. Because that’s what you are.

A Job Coach facilitates

change on a deep level and supports people to achieve their employment or career goals through engaging and connecting in meaningful, transformational coaching conversations.

A Job Coach is

skilled at stepping into a clients model of the world, listening, observing and asking the right questions to help their clients move towards value aligned goals.

A Job Coach helps

their clients learn at their own pace, supports them in discovering solutions for themselves, and gently nudges them towards a brighter future.

A Job Coach assists

clients with making a change, and how a Job Coach goes about it matters. They’re there to help spot a learning opportunity, set the groundwork and see things through.

A Job Coach can

(when appropriate) coach in other areas of a clients’ life as well – for example, health or relationships, because their personal satisfaction can impact their success in getting the job they want.

A Job Coach brings

passion back into their clients’ life, along with opening them up to new ideas, new ways of thinking and creating new behaviours. All this leads to clients finding their way!

This, right here, is what employment consultants really are (or should be).

The Bounce Quickstart Guide to Job Coaching

If you’re still unsure about what it takes to become an outstanding job coach, this handy guide will give you insight into skills, traits and attributes you need to development and how you can apply two of our most effective coaching systems right now with your clients. 

The Quickstart Guide is designed to help you deepen your knowledge and understanding around the power of coaching and influencing for change.  

Coaching is not therapy or counselling.

Coaching involves influencing patterns of behaviour, shifting limiting beliefs or changing habits and motivating clients to move forward, which results in a profound and long-lasting change that sticks. Job Coaches provide strategies and assistance in gaining meaningful and long-term employment. “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional potential.” – The International Coaching Federation (ICF) definition.

Discover your job coaching style

Imagine if you knew what your strengths were as a job coach? 

If you had insight into what makes you great in your role, and how would that help you perform at your best? 
If you were able to understand what opportunities you had for growth in your role, would that make you feel empowered to be the best job coach you can be? 

You can discover today what type of job coach you are by taking the JOB COACH QUIZ. In under 10 minutes, you’ll discover what your job coaching personality type is, what your key traits as a job coach are and what sort of professional development will take your coaching to the next level. 


Helping your clients just got a whole lot easier!

As a job coach, you need access to industry-leading professional development, training and support to ensure that you can get the best outcomes for yourself and your clients. Bounce training is guaranteed to help you stay at the forefront of excellence and give you all the skills you need to manage your priorities, stay on top of your caseload and give your clients quality support.

Imagine if you had access to ALL the training and resources you need to become the best job coach you can be?

Welcome to the
Way Finders Academy

The Academy is the leading professional development & training platform for anyone working in employment services.  It’s a space dedicated to helping employment consultants manage their wellbeing, build strong relationships and get faster, and more effective employment outcomes with their clients.

And it’s packed with in-depth, practical training and resources on all aspects of coaching, communicating and connecting with clients to help them feel ready to work. 

PLUS, it has all the community support you need to develop your skills so you can reach your full coaching potential.

There’s nothing quite like this anywhere in the world!

Staff and Managers need...

To make positive change stick, staff and managers inside employment services need to have a specialised set of skills. All these skills and more can be developed through the Way Finders Academy learning platform. 


Bounce Job Coach Certification

And if you’re really serious about becoming a world-class job coach – Bounce Job Coach Certification is the MUST-HAVE training for anyone working in the industry. We have developed this one-of-a-kind coaching certification course for people just like you. It will completely transform the way you work with and support your clients. Find out how you can become a Bounce Job Coach today!

Client Love

AMES Australia has been delighted to partner with Bounce Global to support our staff with a unique and quality driven job coaching program. AMES staff have received valuable insights on how to mentor and/or coach clients strategically, so that each AMES Employment mentor can achieve greater outcomes for their clients. 

AMES staff have found the job coaching certification as a “game changer” as it helps them build a better connection with their clients. Applying the coaching techniques AMES mentors have received feedback from clients that they feel more empowered to work through and explore strategies with AMES staff to overcome complex barriers on their employment or settlement journey. Numerous AMES staff regularly comment the value and effectiveness of the PEARLS model in aiding service deliver to our clients.

 An example, recently we had three female clients who have changed their mindset from not wanting to work at all to be more open to the suitable opportunities in front of them by willing to accept suitable job referrals and more confident to go for an interview. The end result was that two of these clients have found employment and the other is still attending interviews in hope of achieving suitable employment. 

Thank you once again to the Bounce team for all your guidance and support through the Job Coaching certification. It has certainly been a partnership that ultimately assisted many AMES clients on their settlement journey into Australia.

Luke Whinney
Senior Manager Employment, AMES Australia

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