The E.A.S.Y Approach

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The E.A.S.Y Approach Script

If you need a simple way to nudge your clients to participate in the Bounce Online program, you need this super easy script! It follows a four step approach to asking the right questions to get your clients to take action and move forward! 


Four simple steps to get your clients moving forward…

Step 1. ENGAGE

What are the two essential questions you need to lead with? We’ve provided you with examples to use in the first step of the system.


Getting your clients to imagine life a different way might seem difficult, but with the right questions and suggestions, you can get them to commit easily. 


How do you sell Bounce Online to your clients? This step is critical in the formula – if you need to know how sell the program, we’ve done the hard work for you!


You need to make sure you get commitment from your clients to take the next step. You also need to commit to supporting them on the journey!

Still unsure if you’ll be able to use the script? 

We’ve got you covered…

We’ve created this quick video that demonstrates how to use the questions in the script to get your clients interested in finding out more about the Bounce Program and how they can get involved. You’ll see how easy it is to ask a couple of key questions, in the right way to elicit a great outcome! 

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