The Power of Persistence

The Power of Persistence

Please note that names and locations have been changed for privacy reasons.

The Challenges

At 41, Tristen knew exactly how hard it was to find long-term employment. For over 8 years, he had been through the revolving door of employment service providers looking for work. During this time, he had only 2 interviews. Understandably, Tristen was feeling lost and had a strong sense of hopelessness when it came to finding a job. He had developed anxiety and was struggling to control his nerves and the physical impact they had on him, especially around people.

He was registered with an employment service provider in the northern suburbs of Melbourne.

The Solutions

The provider had Bounce Business Development Officer, Chris Young, conduct an information session on the Certificate I in General Education for Adults (GEN ED) program, and Tristen participated in this session along with a number of other clients struggling to find long-term employment.

He was skeptical at the start, and unsure how it would be of any benefit to him. After being unemployed for so long, Tristen didn’t believe that anything would help him find a job. Chris was very encouraging and urged him to sign up. What did he have to lose?

The Results

At the start of the program, Tristen was thinking “What have I got myself into?” The course wasn’t like anything he’d ever done before and he wasn’t sure that his trainer was going to give him any useful tools to help get a job.
But as the days went by, Tristen started to experience things he’d never experienced before. He began to build rapport with people, and understood what it was like to have real connections with others. He started to understand how his values and beliefs shaped his view of the world and how they were holding him back.

Tristen’s trainer Niss was able to help him identify where his anxiety was coming from and gave him strategies to help control his nervous impulses. Along with the mirroring and matching body language techniques, Tristen began to feel more confident about interview situations.

Creating a vision for his life was a pivotal moment for Tristen. The vision board activity gave him direction, purpose and a plan. Putting a picture of his dream home on his vision board was incredibly motivating for him.

By the end of the 6 week program, Tristen’s energy and confidence had increased dramatically. So much so that he didn’t want the course to end as he had gained so much from it.

After finishing his course, Tristen started to apply for jobs with confidence. He received 20 call backs from employers and received 10 interviews. He had a number of offers and took a job with a company that he really wanted to work for. He is well on his way to saving to buy his dream home and looks forward to work every day.

“The best thing I ever did in my life, should had done it 8 years ago!”


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