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Helping You Help Others – The Essential Guide to Self Care

Stress! Who needs it? Everything you need to know about self-care is right here in this beautiful step-by-step guide that has templates you can edit, print and share.


Get Learning

Understand how dopamine impacts the areas of your brain, how it can alleviate stress and how to manage your own dopamine levels

Discover the 6 Dimensions

Assess your wellness levels with a wellness model developed by Dr Bill Hettler,
co-founder of the National Wellness Institute

Make a Plan

Create your own self care plan and stick to it with helpful information, advice and tips to use every day

Self-care is essential for anyone working in employment services.

If you’re always putting everyone else first and your cup is always empty, you can’t give any of its contents to your clients, your colleagues, your family, and your friends (let alone yourself). This Guide will give you all the information, tools and tips you need to manage stress, focus on wellness and keep your cup full!

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