Top Qualities Employers Look for

Gone are the days when the only way to get hired was to present all your qualifications and list every single one of your skills down on a piece of paper; we are living in the modern world and there are higher priorities to organisations now.

To be highly considered for a role in any organisation your clients need to demonstrate their ability to adapt to the culture of each particular workplace, and work within their values. Because, the thing is, skills can be learned, but the ability to seamlessly merge into the businesses culture is a talent.

So, how do we know this to be true?

In 2015, we conducted a survey with multiple employers and the results show that organisations are now looking for the FIT within their company as well as a mixture of basic skills to determine your competency to perform the role.

The importance of individual qualities when recruiting a new staff member, rated by employers:
Values & Cultural Fit 65.7%
Integrity 55.7%
Team Work 55%
Emotional Intelligence 45%
Communication Skills 44.3%
Reliability 42.9%
Previous Experience 42.9%
Specific Skills Set 36.8%
Drive 35%
Qualification 25%

Qualities vs Qualification

As you can see not only is Values and Cultural Fit the most important qualities, have a look at the next five top responses. Integrity, Teamwork, Reliability, Communication Skills and Emotional Intelligence ALL outweigh Previous Experience, Specific Skill Set and Qualifications.

We can safely assume that the level of your client’s personal qualities is important to the employer, and your clients being aware of their own values and personal qualities is a step in the right direction in securing their next job.

Have your clients create two lists – the first being their skills; things like using computers, repairing cars etc. The second being their qualities; the things that make them who they are like adaptability, communication, and reliability. Get them to think outside the box. For example, if a client enjoys drawing then they may be a creative thinker.

Think about how they can communicate these skills and qualities to an employer in their application or interview. This helps employers know who they are and how they can fit into the organisation.

Transferable Skills

So, what happens when your client is applying for an administration role (for example) and they have never worked in administration before? It’s all about demonstrating transferable skills.

The skills and qualities (mentioned previously) that your clients have are what begins the process of transferable skills. They may have never worked in administration before but they use their computer all the time, they are great communicators and always turn up to appointments on time. Just transfer these skills onto a resume and your done.
No experience? No problem.

When it comes to interview time, have your clients reflect on times where they have had to demonstrate skills such as time management, multi-tasking, meeting deadlines, conflict resolution etc. and then have them explain how they managed these situations. How did they behave, how did they get the message across to others, how did they involve others in the process and what outcomes did they achieve?

These are all behavioural based responses and employers are looking for that inner quality that allows your clients to follow their people and culture strategies. The fact that your clients have not had experience or performed some required skills is becoming less and less a priority. The organisation wants to ensure they have what it takes and can train them in the duties and processes if required.

Confidence is Key

Nothing says ‘hire me’ more than a person who truly believes they deserve the job. Have your client thoroughly research the employer. Knowing every inch of what the business does and what they stand for helps your clients really want to work there and helps them see that they would be the perfect fit.

Once you build the buy-in with your client, the next step is to build the person that will walk through the doors. To get this absolutely right, it’s all about practice. Set your clients the task of practicing at least 3 times with either you, or their friends and family. Give them practice interview questions and ask them to dress in the clothes they will wear to the interview. By the time the interview comes around, they will be comfortable, prepared and confident.


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